How to Support Belonging in a Hybrid Workforce

Meaningful Interaction in the Workplace Drives Value

Did you know people who have friends at work are more likely to perform better? Studies show when employees are friends, customers and clients can feel it. Teams with strong connections receive customer rankings 5–10 percent higher than those of impersonal groups. That camaraderie translates to greater profitability and more productivity.

Our ebook, How to Support Belonging in a Hybrid Workforce, shows you how to connect employees to your culture and to each other, no matter where they work:

Recruiting and onboarding

Internal communication and collaboration

Group activities

Leadership training

Analysts estimate up to 65% of employees will work remotely at least some of the time in the future, whether that’s due to office space cost-cutting, employee demands for increased flexibility or both. How can you bring people together?

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